For over 5 years Sam Aidonidis of Netprint Solutions and David Christenson of The Delta Group have worked collaboratively on several projects with exceptional results. On several occasions the idea of a more formally established partnership has been brought up both between the two of us, others in our respective organizations, and by our clients. This year, effective July 1st and with the support and encouragement of Netprint and Delta, these discussions have become a reality with the creation of Delta Group IT Solutions, Inc… DGITS (pronounced digits) for short.

Here is what you should know and how this may effect you:

  • The organization is a new legal entity operating independently of Netprint Solutions and The Delta Group.
  • For clients who have a relationship with Delta Group Financial, or Netprint Solutions: DGITS will be billing IT work independently of those organizations.
  • The people you deal with will not change, and we will be continuing to work closely with The Delta Group and Netprint Solutions.
  • The new organization will be more capable of providing direct services for a broader range or IT activities and with a greater depth of knowledge. We will also have access to a greater set of industry experts and vendors to help deliver innovative and cost effective IT Solutions.
  • Throughout June you will see small cosmetic changes including new email addresses and a new website under the domain.
  • Over the course of several months starting in July, we will set up a quick introductory meeting for clients who have not previously worked with both Sam and Dave.