About our AWS Work

Delta Group IT Solutions Has been helping Customers leverage Amazon Web Services to meet thier business needs for over a decade.

Recently DGITS worked with Magellan Distribution Corp to allow them to streamline converting incoming sales orders to vendor purchase orders, as well as to automate vendor stock quantity updates for over 100,000 SKUs utilizing AWS EC2 instances and custom middleware software to communicate between Thier ERP Software and thier vendor’s APIs.

Jim Russell of Magellan said “Delta Group IT does an outstanding job in solving business problems with technical solutions. I am not technical, but I know business, and it’s easy to describe the business objective and have Delta Group craft a technical solution economically.”

Other Testimonials:

“Your success in the IT world comes as no surprise to me as I have never met or worked with a more competent, knowledgeable, responsive, personable, trustworthy and professional IT person than you. I can’t imagine a problem that would be beyond your ability to solve or one for which you were unable to find a solution. You earned my trust and respect long ago and I have faith in any company that appreciates your skill set and attitude.

You are the ideal IT professional!”

Paula Kates (upon hearing of creation of Delta Group IT Solutions)
Marketing Consultant
Owner, PJ Soaps

“I have never seen a software change work this well or add value to a sales team so seamlessly”

Scott Leblanc
(at completion of ERP integrated custom sales application)
Regional Sales Manager, Arthrosurface, Inc.